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Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2019-07-13


Walleye have been a bit slower with water temperatures rising. You may still have action along weed edges and break lines when the water is a bit cooler during dawn and twilight hours, but midday you have to search deeper cover for them. Leeches and Jumbo Leeches are the baits of choice for the most part, but when searching over deeper cover trolling Flicker Shads can prove very effective especially if you can find the schools of baitfish.


Musky action has really turned on for trolling with rising water temperatures. Mattlocks and Jakes have been hot...especially the Mattlocks. In the last several days there have been at least 8 reported fish in the low to mid 40s on Mattlocks. As with Walleyes, dawn and twilight hours may see some fish move shallow if the water temps cool off enough, however, with a hot week ahead of us, trolling deep water will most likely be the key to success. CAUTION: With water temps expected to rise more this week, handling Muskies will become very perilous for the fish. Minimize the time they are out of the water as much as possible and make sure you hold them upright until they are ready to swim away.


Pike have slowed down a bit lately. Not a lot of action reported on the pike this week. If they are not in the shallow weeds, odds are the temperatures have pushed them a bit deeper.


Crappie action on the bogs has been ok during the evening. Otherwise during the day you are fishing deeper cribs and brushpiles with Crappie Minnows, and various Crappie Plastics.


Smallmouth have been relatively active on the East Side on Nightcrawlers, Spinnerbaits, and various imitation plastics. According to a local guide, some bigger smallmouth have been active in shallow cover on the West Side. If water temps get too warm, and the shallows are empty, try putting a nightcrawler down into deeper cribs.


As we get into the dog days of summer each week I will be posting about leech availability. As of this week leeches are still readily available!!!


In terms of temperature it is going to be a beautiful week. The highs will be ranging from the low to mid 80s all week with lows in the high 60s. Expect some storms on Sunday and Tuesday and some scattered showers on Wednesday.

Water Level

Full Pool

Water Temp

mid-high 70s to low 80s.

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